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Why I Don’t Like InkThemes Anymore and Wouldn’t Recommend Them

I Used to Love Inkthemes

I used to love Inkthemes. I really did. I bought their membership package and have used it across many, many sites. I still don’t have a ton of issues with their themes, and I will show you specifically why I don’t recommend them any longer in this Inkthemes Review.

It all started for me with wanting a theme that has an easy form on the right side for new potential clients to be able to contact my client right away.  He owns a local small business, and I needed to get him some more leads.  So I started my journey with a lead generation theme search.  I found “BlackRiders” from Inkthemes.  When I saw it, I fell in love with it and knew my client would as well.


However, once I got the them installed, I started noticing a few little quirks that I didn’t like.  I still used the theme and my client loved it.  His clients commented to him about the redesign and he was genuinely happy.  But it wasn’t until he started asking for changes that I started really getting down on using this theme.

I powered on though.  I needed a few tweaks, and surprisingly the support in the forums for members are really helpful and willing to do a lot that is above and beyond.  They won’t however, modify the theme for you.  This is to be expected.  Why should they?  The theme comes with a few different color options, the ability to change the slider, and that’s about it.  Yes, there is a large section where you can change settings but that’s things like the phone number, email address, and how things are worded.  I’m talking about the home page.  There are no customization options for the home page.


See the way it’s laid out?  Four key points across the middle, then the blog on the left, and the about us on the right.  That’s it.  Want to customize that at all?  Don’t try.  Want to put a bunch of text on the homepage?  Not a chance.  You get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit!  That’s what we teach our kids.  In the case of this theme, you get exactly what you see in the demo.  Nothing more, nothing less.

OK, So You Don’t Like One Theme, So What!

Not exactly.  As I kept using their themes, I noticed this trend stays.  I installed Compass Pro on another site.  Same thing.  You can customize things by choosing one of a few color schemes, then you can put in your own text, but you’re really stuck with the layout you are given.  What if I don’t have three things I want to show in the middle of the page?  Too bad.  What if I want to show a few specific posts on the home page?  No go, you get the most recent post.


Again, I love the look of the theme as it’s designed with their content, but once you decide you need to break the mold, you’re out of luck!  This membership is $147, but that’s not a lifetime membership, no!  That’s just the initial purchase price!  You’ve got to shell out $15 a month if you want to be able to keep using these themes.  So, over a year you’re spending $180, and when you add the initial cost of $147 to it, that’s $327 for your first year!

Now, you might be thinking “But they have a TON of themes that you can download, I see that on their themes page.  WRONG!  You’re only getting access to THEIR themes.  The themes page is a community page that you have to pay extra for.

inkthemesfullLook on the left.  Do you see all of those themes?  You don’t get them all! That’s right.  You only get some of them.  You get the ones in the “Our Themes” section.  So if you have a dental client, you can search for dentist and find some great looking themes.  But you’d better be willing to shell out some more money to use it.  They are over $50 each, so when you’re thinking you’re all set with the themes, that’s when you’ll be hit with your extra charges just for one single theme.

What Alternatives Do I Recommend Then?

When I’m looking for a theme membership, I look for a broad range of themes that can fit each individual situation.  I look for something that could work for a Dentist’s office, a Plumber, a Clothing Store, Yoga Instructor, Hair Salon, and more.  I want to never have to purchase a theme again.  Isn’t that why we look for a membership?

There are a ton of free WordPress themes out there.  A lot of these are really, really good.  My biggest issue with using free themes is that you’ll generally only get limited functionality with the free version.  Most developers will give a “Lite” version for free, hoping you’ll want additional features available in a pro version.

The best bang for your buck is easily Elegant Themes.  With the membership you get access to every one of their themes, along with all of the plugins.  They have an amazing theme for every situation, no matter if you’re looking for a local business site, a product site, etc.


There are amazing themes here, but my favorite by far is Divi. With Divi, you get an amazing builder that allows you to design to your heart’s content with a drag and drop editor.  No matter what the layout you’re after, you can build it quickly and easily with Divi.  divi-builder

This truly is the meat and potatoes of the theme.  You can drop in elements such as sliders, text, alert boxes, and more.  The list truly goes on and on.  My favorite, graphically, is the circle graphs.


I love these, they are aesthetically pleasing and highly customize able.  They can be used for a ton of different things!

You Also Get Their Plugins!

If you’re not going to use the Divi theme, you can still use the amazing builder with any theme.  That means any theme on the market can be customized to your heart’s content.  As long as you buy the Developer license which is only $89 per year, you get all of the plugins.

Another incredibly valuable plugin you get with this package is the mobile builder.  No matter what theme you have, you can now have a mobile site.  This is incredibly valuable especially nowadays when the search engines have made it clear that they are penalizing sites that are not built with mobile in mind.

To Sum it all Up

Again, I used to love InkThemes.  I still have their themes installed on a number of my sites, but I’m making the transition to Elegant Themes.  With the high quality involved in these, the comparison is in clear favor to Elegant Themes here.  The quality of the themes, the amount you get, and the amount you pay is far less.  When you see that you get far more with Elegant Themes.  $85 for Elegant Themes for a year, where Ink Themes is a whopping $327!  This is an absolute no brainer to go with.  I hope you find my Inkthemes Review useful and see what a great value Elegant Themes is.

*Please note, this post contains affiliate links.