A Short Guide to Short, Sweet Blog Posts

A Short Guide to Short, Sweet Blog Posts

As a web content writer, I’ve been programmed over the years to write in 500 word chunks. It’s almost second nature! Even though this is a nice round number for blog post creation, it’s not a rule set in stone. Sometimes a few hundred words will get the job done and add some variety to your blog.

Here are three keys to keep in mind when you develop a short blog post:

Keep your topic ultra focused.

If you’ve decided to publish a blog post on the shorter side, use a narrow lens and focus on one aspect or one topic. It’s not the time to delve into your start up’s philosophy on entrepreneurship, but it’s the perfect platform to discuss a feature of your web app.

Give your audience actionable content.

You want them to come away from your post with a step that they can take right away. For example, in your green friendly kitchen cleaner article, give your blog post readers a bulleted list of tools they’ll need and step by step instructions for cleaning with eco-friendly products.

Make your content part of a series.

If you have trouble keeping your short blog post ultra-focused, make it part of a series. Online marketing is a complicated process. A series of short blog posts on ultra-focused online marketing steps will help give your readers bite sized action steps without overwhelming them.

Are there any other tips you’d add for short, sweet content?