Content Marketing: Making It Work For Your Business

Content Marketing: Making It Work For Your Business

Welcome to the new “business and usual.”

The way you need to do business in the 21st Century is rapidly changing. That’s because the nature of customers is rapidly changing. Customers today are increasingly savvy. The old methods of interruption marketing no longer work. Businesses just like yours are looking for something new – something that will engage the customers on their level.

Consumers tend to ignore advertising that interrupts them, whether it is on television or the internet. According to Bob Hemmings in Direct Marketing in the 21st Century, the internet has revolutionized the direct marketing process because the internet now allows marketers to target individual customers or potential customers with messages that meet their needs. But this targeting needs to come in the right packaging in order to be effective.

There’s an increasing awareness that information not only drives the Internet, but it drives consumer behavior as well. Creating information that engages your audience on their level – all while increasing confidence in your brand – is a key part of today’s marketing landscape.

What is Content Marketing?
Since interruption doesn’t work, the challenge for business owners is to find a way for their message to get across wrapped up in information that their audience is interested in.

Content marketing is creating and publishing information, and the online environment is particularly suited for the process. The information in content marketing is specifically designed for selected groups of prospects who need the information.

Content marketing can take several forms:
* Blogs
* Ebooks
* Email
* Newsletters
* White Papers
* Video presentations
* Webcasts
* Social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, etc)

Basically, anywhere you use written, audio or video online – there’s the potential to use that content for content marketing. It can be used to give your customers and prospects the information that they’re looking for.

How and Why Content Marketing Works
When you create a content base of information for your business, you are actually creating a base of knowledge that people will come looking for. This sets your business up as a thought leader in your market when visitors come to your site, which leads to a bigger reach, more brand recognition and more sales overall.

With a well planned content marketing strategy your business can reach a wide range of potential customers with the information they need to solve their problems. You’ll become a trusted source and purchasing products or services from you will be a “no brainer.”

On top of it, you become a trusted source of information for the search engines as well. Quality content that incorporates important keywords is going to get more attention from search engines, as well as those on the social networks. A strong content marketing plan can serve as the foundation for all of your online marketing efforts.

How Effective is Content Marketing?
As a measure of how important content is to a successful business, according to

In 2010 73% of U.S. companies used branded content they created and 72% of U.S. companies used outside expert content in their social media content marketing strategy.

In order to create and hang on to customers who are passionate about your business, you need to incorporate several parts to your content marketing strategy.

1. Have clear, focused goals for your business that will best serve your customers’ needs.

2. Create interesting content for your site that stays focused on those goals.

3. Create and publish original and relevant content frequently.

Content marketing is here to stay. Your customers are already online looking for relevant information to solve their problems. If you’re not there to give it to them, you are going to be left behind. So here is your challenge: create relevant, unique, timely and engaging content that will help your business grow and prosper. We can help. Visit our services pages or get started to find out about the Six Degrees Content difference.