What is the difference between Copywriting and Content?

What is the difference between Copywriting and Content?

Copywriting and content are often used interchangeably, which can leave buyers confused as to what they are actually purchasing from a writer.

So just to make things clear – here are simple definitions for copywriting and content.

Copywriting is a technique that uses specific words, examples, phrases and (in some cases) layout of text to persuade the reader to take action. That action can be picking up the phone, clicking a link, entering their information on a form or making a purchase. Copywriting is often associated with web pages, sales letters, email marketing messages and print advertising – all of which are created to motivate the reader.

Content on the other hand is the “stuff” that is displayed on your website. Content doesn’t always have to be written – it can refer to infographics, videos, audio files – etc. Written content includes blog posts, social media content, articles, press releases, reports and white papers. Good content serves to educate and inform the reader, and incorporates keywords to help the website rank well. Bad content is focused on keywords alone and is often poorly written.

Since copywriting is a technique, copywriting can be used to create compelling content that serves a purpose on your website. So a copywriter can create it all – copy and content. But making the switch from regular content to copywriting can be difficult for some writers, and requires training and years of practice.

Content marketing is a blend of the two – it’s a marketing strategy that uses content written with copywriting techniques to create a specific user experience and sales funnel through content channels – your website, your blog, your social media usage, etc.

Understanding these definitions can help you find the right writer for your marketing projects. Consider what type of writing you need done – and whether or not you need the writing to motivate the reader to act. It can make the difference between a great outsourcing experience and an underwhelming one.

What are your biggest questions when it comes to copywriting and content? Ask below!