Does Your Business Really Need a Blog? 5 Important Questions to Ask Before You Start

Does Your Business Really Need a Blog? 5 Important Questions to Ask Before You Start

Having a blog for your business is considered par for the course – but is it really necessary? The truth is blogs aren’t a perfect match for everyone. There are many content channels to choose from and the goal is to find the right content platform for your message.
Before you create a blog, hire a blog ghostwriter and start planning your content schedule, here are five questions to answer.

Can I commit to posting regularly?

Since blog posts are dated, your site visitors can easily tell if you haven’t been around lately. Establishing and following a regular posting schedule is a commitment – and one that many small businesses on the grow don’t have time for. If you answer answer yes to the rest of the questions, and don’t feel like you’ll have the time, you can outsource blog post writing. Just be sure it’s worth the effort first.

Do you know what keywords will pull in traffic?

Business blogs can help you rank well for important keywords related to your business. But this doesn’t happen if your keyword strategy is scattershot and unfocused. Don’t expect to see any SEO benefits from your blog unless you know your target pulling keywords and use them in posts and meta information.

Will your ideal customers interact with your blog posts?

As previously mentioned, blogs are just one of several content channels that you can choose from. Blogs aren’t always the best choice for businesses because not all target markets read blog posts. Your content might reach a wider audience as a webinar, presentation, on a Facebook group or any of the other content channels. Do a survey of your industry and see how well blogs are performing for some of your competitors. This will give you a better idea of whether or not a blog can work for you.

Does my business have something to say?

Blogs work best when there is a good balance between helpful content and promotion for your business. The first part of this equation requires that you have something say above and beyond how great your products or services are. What are your ideal customers interested in reading about? What will make them stop and take notice of your blog and your company? Don’t start blogging until you establish a good platform for your business.

Can I use social media to promote my blog?

Blogging pulls in search engine traffic – but it’s also particularly suited to social media traffic. If your industry doesn’t perform well on social media, or it’s difficult to get followers and fans, a blog might not be in your best interest. This can be fixed of course by spending time and energy pumping up your social media influence.
If you answered yes to these questions – blog on!