4 Reasons Why Writing Your Own Web Content is a Bonehead Move

4 Reasons Why Writing Your Own Web Content is a Bonehead Move

You’ve finally made the leap and you’re launching a new website. Before you cut the virtual ribbon, your web designer tells you that you’ve got to give him some content to replace that “Lorem ipsum” blurbs throughout your pages.

So you get to work and do the best you can. Months later, when your website isn’t performing well you wonder if the money you spent on the redesign was worth it.

It’s not the designer’s fault – it’s yours.

Writing your own web content is like cutting your own hair. It might look pretty straight forward. You may think that it you work slowly enough that you’ll master it. But even if you have the right scissors and a friend to help it’s still going to be a bit “off.”

Here are four reasons why writing your own content is a bonehead move.

Your website can make or break your business.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. The most amazing design in the world isn’t going to fix spelling errors, missing calls to action and other major content mistakes. By taking your web copywriting into your own hands you’re creating a stifled site that isn’t going to give you the results you’re looking for.

Web writing isn’t “regular” writing.

As an English major and then journalist, I thought I knew writing well. When I made the shift to web writing, I realized how little I actually knew! Writing for website audiences isn’t the same as putting together a report or creating a news story. Readers scan, hop around the page and skim through website text. If you don’t know how to format and layout the writing on your website, your traffic won’t covert and your website won’t be effective.

SEO Copywriting needs a special approach.

I wouldn’t be doing my job as a web writer without mentioning search engine optimization. SEO doesn’t have to be a four – er, three – letter word. Writing for search engines is something that takes skill, practice and staying on top of the latest guidelines for search engine placement. Do you have the time to follow all of that? A web writer can do it for you.

You’re too close to your product or service to write well.

I’m willing to bet you can rattle off the great things about your product or service in a heartbeat. But is that really what your prospects want to know? Since you know all of the details of what went into your product or service, it might be hard for you to pull out the key benefits and juicy details that will have your website visitors ready to buy. Knowing the ins and outs of what you do can actually be a detriment to your web content. Let a copywriter help you find the main highlights and pump them up for you.

You’re too busy to get it done.

Your new website project or product launch could be delayed weeks or months if you try to tackle it yourself. You have enough on your plate. Letting a web content writer take the reins on your project will mean a faster launch date and quicker profits.

When is it okay to DIY? Some business owners can master blogging really quickly. Others are good at creating presentations that help sell what they’ve got to offer. But when it comes to the content on your pages, you’ll get the best results by calling in a professional for SEO copywriting.