Target Your Content With Your Ideal Client Profile

Target Your Content With Your Ideal Client Profile

When it comes to creating superconnected content (that is great for search and social results), you need to know exactly who you’re writing for. The language, angle, voice and keywords that you use all contribute to how your reader perceives and responds to your writing. Whether your content is for your blog, for a sales letter or for a Facebook group, your client’s perspective counts.

So then the question becomes – what is your client’s perspective? Although you may serve a large target market, you can narrow your focus and create better content with an ideal client profile.

Your Ideal Client Profile

Your ideal client profile is more specific than your target market. It’s one person – one identity with specific tastes, preferences and demographic information. This person is part of your target market, but when you create the profile you’ll be asking deeper questions than “Why does this person need my product or service?”

For example, you’re a dietitian. Your target market is overweight, undernourished women who need the help of a trained dietitian to get their eating habits on track. This is pretty specific – but when you create an ideal client profile for your content, you’ll go a few steps further. Pick one woman and create a persona for her. Instead of writing content for a group of overweight women, you’ll be creating for one woman – Sue. Sue needs to lose 42 lbs. She is tired of fad diets – and she’s tried just about everything! She is married and has two children – a 17 year old son and a 12 year old daughter. Her daughter shares her weight problems and Sue’s motivation for seeking out professional help stems from this. She feels that if she can get a handle on her eating habits and learn how to eat healthfully with REAL food (instead of diet food) she’ll be setting a good example. She works full time as a therapist, so she understands the value of working one on one with an expert. She is busy so she puts a premium on services and recipes that are fast, easy and good.

As you can see, this is much more specific than “women who need to lose weight.” By creating a persona with details like those above (and even more!) you’ll be able to nail down the topics, voice and approach that you should use throughout your content marketing plan.

Questions to Ask About Your Ideal Client

Stumped on how to create a profile as detailed as above? Here’s a checklist you can use to get started.

What is my client’s name/gender/age?

What does my client do for a living?

What is my client’s family like (married, divorced, single, widowed, parent)?

What is my client’s biggest problem?

What does my client do for fun?

What is my client passionate about?

What are my client’s main barriers to buying from me?

What does my ideal client look like?

Putting specific details like this in place for your ideal client will make it easier to create content that connects.

Your Ideal Client Profile for Search and Social Traffic

In addition to helping with topic development, your ideal client profile can also be a supertool for keyword research and social media spread. There are dozens of social media sites out there so you’ll want to spend your time on the channels where your ideal client is most likely to be. By narrowing your focus, you’ll have a more efficient social marketing plan.

As for search engine traffic, great keyword research starts with brainstorming. Your ideal client’s needs, questions and search for information online are great starting points for your research. What are the terms, phrases or keywords that your client would use to find a website just like yours? What are they looking for that relates to what you have to offer? Use these keyphrases as starting points for research and you’ll be able to attract your ideal client through search engine results.

If you haven’t taken time to create your ideal client profile yet, do it now! You’ll be able to create more effective content for your blog, website and social media channels. Or hire Six Degrees Content to do it for you – we help all of our clients narrow their focus so they get better results.