Why Content is a Great Tool for Your Solo Biz

Why Content is a Great Tool for Your Solo Biz

As a solopreneur, your time is limited. You’ve only got so much to work with each day and you’re wearing so many hats you need to cover lots of bases in that small amount of time. That’s why it’s so important to focus on the marketing activities that will get you the most consistent, reliable and effective results.

Content fits the bill for your solo biz for many different reasons. If you’ve ever read a great blog post, downloaded a free report, tuned into a webinar or taken interest in someone’s update on Facebook, you know how effective content can be. It’s worked it’s mojo on you as a reader/listener/subscriber/fan, etc. Do you want to know the secret formula behind WHY it works?

Here’s exactly why content works for those other business owners (and how you can tap into that  for your own business).

Content helps you highlight YOU!

As a solo business owner, your business is YOU. When clients hire you or buy from you they are working with YOU. Written or recorded content created by YOU is the best way to give them a preview of what is in store for them. Content in your voice with your unique perspective, your insight into what you do (whether it’s personal coaching or pastry baking) and your personality. Your business needs you to thrive – and content is the best platform for that.

Content brings the search engine results!

I’m going to put my SEO nerd hat on for a moment and reiterate that Content is King when it comes to search engine marketing. What’s great about being a soloprenuer and having a tightly focused target market is that it’s fairly simple to rank for your main keyword terms. If you’re creating fresh, relevant content on a regular basis you’re giving the search engines what they want – ways to categorize you and rank your website. The more content you produce on your topic, the more likely you’re going to be ranked well. There are other factors at hand of course – but content is so important it’s a good starting point for SEO optimization.

Content helps make social media even better!

Social media sharing is a great way to connect with others – but if you are only sharing what other people have to say you’re not making a big impact. When you produce your own content on your own website, you can share those posts and updates with your social media followers. You give them valuable content, point out your website and subtley introduce them to your products and services. And you thought social media was just about sharing what you had for lunch! It can be so much more when you produce your own content. As an added bonus – search engines are giving more weight to social media activity (especially Google+) so it’s important to get out there and share with your solo biz audience.

Content creation can be your #1 marketing tool this year! How are you using it to grow your solo biz?